How to Get Chegg Free Trial Account (Dec 2019)


Free Chegg Account equips learners with an array of digital academic services. From origins as a textbook renter, Chegg has since expanded its operation to include online homework help, course reviews, and personal online tutoring. Chegg Free Trial account is only valid for 7 days and after that you need to cancel Chegg Free Trial.

All new tutoring students receive a chegg free trial including free minutes of tutoring in their first week.We’re confident that you’ll love Chegg Tutors, but if you don’t want to stay on this subscription, you may cancel or change your membership at any time from your My account page. We have added all steps of how to Cancel Chegg Free Trial.

How to Get Chegg Free Trial or Chegg Free Account

Chegg is your ultimate online platform to buy, sell or rent textbooks. was started in 2005 by Osman and Aayush Phumbhra at Santa Clara of California. The site’s handy search feature provides instant access to more than two million bookzz and six million textbook questions.

Chegg allows students to easily rent required textbooks, and then return them for free at the end of the semester. In this post of Chegg free Account we will provide you steps to get Chegg free account without credit card.

What is Chegg Account | Chegg Free Account

Chegg is an American online textbook rental company based in Santa Clara, California, that specializes in online textbook rentals (both in physical and digital formats), homework help, online tutoring, scholarships and internship matching. It is meant to help students in high school and college.

It’s good if you have doubts in your mind for security of a job you are doing and that too for an online job, it is obvious and you should not rely on, blindly. so many of you need chegg free account for this.

Now Coming to Chegg, Being a chegg expert is the most beautiful experience of my life. Chegg is easier to join. There are very easy processes you will have to go through. They promise to pay you certain amount per question which varies subject wise and they pay the same before the specified date deducting the government tax which is 10% in our case.

No any cheating or fraudulent is there. So, I will suggest you to join blindly and give your best. That will pay you a grand satisfaction in terms of your talent implementation and a handsome amount of money.

How does Chegg Account work?

The most used option available on Chegg is the 24/7 online help. Here you’ll find answers by entering a question or keyword in the search box. You get answers by experts in the field. Another handy option is the available GPA calculator. you can also find google drive ebooks available from google.

The second most used option, Study help comes from the tutors that you can hire, literally any time of day or night. You can choose from an impressive number of 7000 tutors, with 1600 available in the middle of the night.

What does the Chegg subscription include?

Once a member you get access to solutions for over 9000 books. You can ask the experts (or enthusiasts) any question you need answered 7 days a week, any hour of the day. Their database holds millions of homework answers, and they’re not shy to say so. These services were interesting to our team, especially the homework answers.

Some people debate that giving students textbook answers is highly unethical and wrong. They compare it to buying your diploma. Others see this website as a helpful tool for aiding the learning process.

Costs of Chegg Subscription

Chegg offers a week Chegg free trial that you can cancel in the course of those 7 days. For the Chegg study membership you’ll have to pay:

Subscription for Chegg is too cheap However Chegg offer Free Chegg account trial for seven days after that you are also free to cancel it anytime without spending a penny. For Chegg subscription to be a prime member you’ll have to pay:

  • 1-month subscription for $14.95
  • 1-year subscription for $74.95
  • Also, you can Rent the books; study material will cost you ten times less than to actual costs. For Example, if you have to take a textbook of required $100, you’ll be able to rent it for just $10.
  • If you want to consult a tutor for anything, anytime regarding course, the price will be 7 cents per minute.

They have a great cancellation policy. You can cancel online at any time your chegg Free Account. If you don’t want to pay, then you can use chegg free account or chegg free trial.

  • Renting the books and student solution manuals will cost you 10 times less than buying it. So if a textbook is $200, you’ll be able to rent it for $20.
  • If you wish to consult a tutor for anything, the price will be 7 cents per minute.

Orders over $85 get free shipping.

All Details on Chegg Free Trial

Below you can find all Details on Chegg Free Trial Account. Just go through each and every Points below on Chegg Free Trial and we have added links also for the corresponding topics.

How to get Chegg Free Trial without Credit Card

  • visit here to generate or to get your Free credit card.
  • You will get a random card detail there you can also generate Visa, Mastercard & AMEX which you can use it for signup on Any website.
  • Now use about Credit card to sign up for Chegg Free Trial.

What is the Chegg free trial?

All new students receive a Chegg free trial to try working with our tutors. These are also known as chegg Free Account.

You can claim your free trial here:

Does every student get a Chegg free trial?

Every new student gets a Chegg free trial their first week!  All students receive 30 minutes of free time their first week to try out working with our tutors. These Chegg Free Account is only for 30 Minutes.

Can I make multiple accounts to receive the Chegg free trial more than once?

We only offer one free trial per person. If you make multiple accounts, the free trial minutes will be removed for all additional accounts and you will be billed for any lesson time.

What happens if I use more than my subscription minutes the first week?

Any minutes used beyond your allocated free minutes during your first 7 days will be charged at the overage rate for your subscription plan.

Why was I charged during my Chegg free trial?

The Chegg free trial gives you 30 minutes of free time your first week, so if you use more than that amount of time towards tutoring the first week, you will be billed for the overage minutes. These overage minutes will be billed at your subscription plan’s overage rate.

Can I cancel during my Chegg free trial, before any charges are made?

You can cancel your chegg tutoring subscription plan at any time, including during your first week. If you cancel during the first week, without exceeding your allocated free minutes, no charges to your account will be made.

You can cancel your subscription here:

What if I just want to try one lesson and don’t want a subscription?

In order to work with a tutor on Chegg Tutors, you are required to subscribe to a plan with us–it’s the only way to begin your free trial. However, you are able to cancel the subscription at any time without a fee. So you’re welcome to cancel after your first lesson, and if you do so within the first week, no subscription fees will be charged to the account.

You can cancel your subscription here:

I had a Chegg free trial, but now it’s gone

We only offer one free trial per person. If you sign up for a second free trial, the free minutes will be removed from the account. If this has occurred, you’ll receive an email from us explaining that we’ve removed the minutes. We recommend checking your email inbox for this message from us.

Just choose the no subscription option (Pay-as-you-go) to end weekly billing.

Is tutoring included in my Chegg Study membership?

Tutoring is not included in your Chegg Study membership.

You can view and adjust your various services at

Download the free Chegg app.

Armed with the Chegg mobile app, you can receive live personal study help. The app includes the following features:

  • One chegg free Trial for 30-minute session of one-to-one online tutoring.
  • Textbook rental.
  • Access to millions of textbook answers.
  • Access to your eTextbooks on the go.

You’ll also have the option to subscribe for live homework help from tutors and subject experts for a monthly fee.

How do I cancel my chegg free trial?

Follow below steps to cancel chegg free trial. You can also pause your chegg free trial but if you still want to cancel chegg free trial then follow below steps.

  • Go to your My account page
  • Click the Pause membership button under Chegg Study in the Subscriptions section
  • Select the amount of time you’d like to pause your membership
  • Click the Pause membership button

Still want to cancel chegg free trial ?

  • Go to your My account page
  • Click the Cancel membership link under Chegg Study in the Subscriptions section

When you cancel your Chegg Study subscription you will continue to have access for the remainder of your current billing period.

Refunds are not automatically issued when your subscription is cancelled.

Purchased your subscription through iTunes or Google Play?

If you purchased your Chegg Study subscription through iTunes or Google Play, you will need to manage your subscription through them. Pausing on will not suspend your billing.

Coupons to Get Chegg Free Trial

Find all the Chegg coupons and promo codes you’ll need to get free shipping and save on textbooks, tutoring, test prep, and more at chegg Coupons! Get the best coupons, promo codes & deals for Chegg

1. Free 4-Week Trial of Chegg Study

Try Chegg Study for free and get expert help with your assignments. Must create a Chegg account for free trial. $14.95 a month after free trial.

2. Free 7-Day Instant Access to Textbooks 

Need your book now? Get 7-day instant access to many of the most popular titles, so you can start reading while your book ships.

3. 30 minutes Free Online Tutoring

Get 30 mins of live online tutoring during your first week of Chegg free trial. Chegg Study membership includes step-by-step textbook solutions and expert Q&A.

4. Up to $2,000 Weekly Scholarships from Chegg

Click on the College link and explore the many scholarship options available to you. Get personalized matches to over $1 Billion in awards, plus set reminders so that you make those scholarship deadlines.

So this is all about How to Get Chegg Free Trial. Chegg Free Trial is good for all students who wants to increase their GPA. We will also share some Chegg Free Trial Account for You. Also if you have any Chegg Free Account do comment below so that other can also be benefitted for those who are using those Chegg Free Trial Accounts.


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